What’s your story?

We believe in the power of storytelling.
We believe in the ability of stories to move, engage and inspire us. To be remembered and to create bonds.


We help Brands to create value and communicate their points of view, projects, futures and much more besides with relevant stories that people listen to and follow with great interest.

We make storytelling part of the entire business communications process: from the creation of content and the organisation of live activities through to different forms of dialogue with new communities.


We are a team of storytellers specialised in branded content and branded entertainment.
Adopting an editorial approach, we develop custom-made narrative projects that combine relevance with affinity to create strong and lasting bonds between businesses and their internal or external stakeholders.


Because everyone has a story to tell, but only some make a difference.


You brand, we tell



Supporting companies in devising and implementing the most effective content strategies and in defining how, where, when and what content to create and to how to distribute it.

Identifying the narratives, starting from business challenges and communication objectives of companies and developing creative ideas for stories that are perceived by consumers as true content and true entertainment.

Creating original concepts for each story, which do not consist of implanting a brand presence within pre-defined editorial content, but are born out of a true fusion of sources (brand-originated stories, user-generated content and editorial content) as well as that of genre, media and channels.

Making and producing TV and radio programmes, audio-video content, web series, corporate video and podcasts of different genre, from factual entertainment to docu-fiction.

Designing and producing live shows and social/digital initiatives aimed at promoting and communicating the project, as well as maximising the content’s successful distribution and reach.

Defining the most appropriate conduits to reach the desired audiences and negotiating distribution and promotion agreements and investment requirements with publishers, in order to define the most suitable distribution parameters.

Coordinating and orchestrating every stage of the project: from creativity to production and distribution, in compliance with the agreed-upon budget, resources and timetable.

We work for companies that aim at increasing their brand value, becoming content producers and narrators of their own stories. We specialise in cross-media initiatives encompassing multiple distribution conduits including TV, Radio and Social Media, as well as live events and shows.



















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    Content marketing
    and branded entertainment

    Content Marketing is a form of marketing that employs content created by companies to communicate and to promote their brands, products and services. Recent studies and surveys confirm that content marketing is more effective and far less expensive than traditional advertising, in both short-term and long-term scenarios.
    brandstories creates and produces branded entertainment projects that are instrumental in the successful implementation of content strategies devised by brands.



    Matteo Caccia

    Co-Founder & Partner

    Raccoglie scrive e racconta storie per la TV, il teatro e la radio.
    Lo ha fatto a Radio24 con “VendoTutto” e “Voi siete qui”.
    Nel 2015 torna a Radio2 dove aveva scritto e condotto “amnèsia” , con “Una Vita”.
    Da settembre 2015 è in onda tutti i giorni con “pascal” dal lunedì al venerdì alle 22.30.
    Ha creato e conduce “Don’t tell my mom” storyshow in scena ogni primo lunedì del mese a Milano.
    Scrive e parla per LaEffe, la Tv di Feltrinelli.
    Ha scritto due libri “amnèsia” e “Il nostro fuoco è l’unica luce” per Mondadori.
    Ad aprile è in uscita il suo nuovo romanzo per Baldini&Castoldi “Il silenzio coprì le sue tracce”.

    Alessia Cicuto

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    Da oltre dieci anni si occupa di strategia e sviluppo d’impresa. Ha lavorato in diversi ambiti, da quello delle relazioni internazionali a quello dell’education e dell’arte. Dal 2016 è membro della Fondazione Bellisario occupandosi di imprenditoria femminile e di responsabilità sociale d’impresa.
    Dal 2013 è Mentor della Cherie Blair Foundation e affianca donne imprenditrici in diverse parti del mondo nello sviluppo del loro new business, nell’ambito del programma “Mentoring Women in Business Programme”.

    Shahin Javidi

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Ha iniziato nell’ICT dove ha ricoperto varie posizioni di leadership nel sales & marketing nelle filiali italiane di multinazionali USA, prima di intraprendere un percorso internazionale che lo ha visto contribuire a tre startup di successo con think3 (computer graphics) come Director Worldwide Business Development, basato a Santa Clara, California, con Webraska Mobile Technologies (location based services) come VicePresident Worldwide Sales, basato a Parigi e con Digital Bridges (mobile entertainment) come Chief Commercial Officer, basato a Londra. Al suo rientro in Italia è stato, tra l’altro, Chief Marketing Officer di Fiera Milano e dirigente di Promos/CCIAA di Milano, responsabile delle attività internazionali per la promozione dell’EXPO e dell’agenzia InvestInMilan per la promozione degli investimenti diretti esteri.