Video reportages with a journalistic language ideal for all brands who want to share their initiatives with a precise, punctual and real tone.

Case: The Journey
Client: Reale Mutua
Year: 2022
Distribution: Digital and Social

Through a series of video documentaries, The Journey narrates “B Together. B More. ”, Reale Mutua’s transformation process into a Benefit Company first and into a B corp afterwards.
Storytelling represents the most effective way to enhance some of the sustainable initiatives that Reale Mutua and Reale Foundation have implemented, in favor of inclusive and lasting growth of the communities in which they operate.
The project is spread over 5 episodes, of approximately 8 minutes each, conducted and presented by Jury Chechi, Ambassador of the Reale Foundation.
The spontaneous, engaging and exciting narrative emerging from the dialogues between Jury Chechi and the protagonists of each initiative, allows the audience to learn more about the projects, understand their value and become part of Reale Foundation’s path.


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