The scientific direction of a live or online event, with a tailor-made approach in the organisation of content and speakers. Thanks to continuous support, also in speech writing, it is possible to delve into one or more topics in depth, through dialogue, confrontation and the mixing of different speakers and heterogeneous points of view.

The Evolution of Taste from brandstories on Vimeo.


Case: The Evolution of Taste

Partner: OBE & Lavazza

SpeakersS: OBE, Lavazza, Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo, Pernod Ricard, The Kraft Heinz Company, Chissenefood, Il Panino Ignorante Gourmet, Nextatlas, Bauli Group, Danone, Guppo San Pellegrino.

Year: 2023

Distribution: a live event with social amplification, via live coverage and video event recap.


A live event, at the Lavazza Nuvola in Turin, realised in collaboration with Lavazza and OBE to tell about the new trends, the most significant insights and the market possibilities of Branded Entertainment in the Food & Beverage world. Two round tables, entitled Innovating Food & drink and The Flavour of Euphoria, and over 20 guests, including brands and industry professionals, to analyse the trends, needs, evolution and future of this Industry.
Thanks to the contribution of Marketing Directors, Founders and Corporate Communications Specialists, an attempt was made to understand how hitherto unexplored narratives can be brought to life and, through these, reflect contemporaneity with an innovative way of communicating. The live event, with its visual identity declined in various ways (from invitations to materials for participants), was amplified through social and press content, thanks to a special editorial plan.