Not television products converted to the language of the web, but web series that start from the network to spread in a new and totally independent way.
Stories fragmented into episodes specially designed to have exponential diffusion and which represent a natural evolution of the TV series, with a greater possibility of experimentation.

Case: #solocongliamici
Year: 2017
Partner: Radio 105
Distribution:digital (website, social channels Alfa Romeo and Radio 105)

Friendship, adventure and overcoming one’s own limits are the values ​​of the Alfa Romeo MiTo brand on which the idea of ​​this branded entertainment project was based, created to communicate the new MiTo model to a young and dynamic audience. An articulated project, conceived and created by brandstories, which tells that there are things in life that can be done #solocongliamici.
Elements of the project:

  • Online casting intended for groups of 4 true friends throughout Italy, accompanied by initiatives integrated with the programming of Radio 105
  • Dedicated website
  • 4-episode web series with the selected kids, where you can test the individual limits of the four friends in a fun and engaging way.

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